Who Is FunFotoz ?

FunFotoz is a service of Alkaye Media (Sound Memories), an established Chicago area video production company specializing in event coverage for over 35 years. In recent years, the advent of digital media has given us the opportunity to expand into photography as well.

Our business uses green screen in many productions and this skill has given us the ability to create visual impressions that mere video or photography cannot provide. Green screen is widely used in news shows (the weather map) as well as in many of today’s movies.

The merging of our various skills into FunFotoz is truly one of our most fun endeavors. The core of this business has always been focused on capturing life’s greatest moments, and we now get to take a more active role in being a part of those moments. We love to see people have a good time and be part of any event that creates long term memories.

Our goal is 100% total customer satisfaction and providing an experience like no other. See our Testimonials here. This same commitment is part of FunFotoz as well.


Our Goal is Total Customer Satisfaction.
We Can Customize a Package to Meet Your Needs.


The layouts adapts to the Screen Size of whatever device visitors are using. Nulla consequat.

  • Our original intention was to hire them for one event.  Three years later, they are now on our preferred vendor list and a “must have” at our annual holiday party.  With over 600 guests to service in just under two hours, they are pleasant, fun and always working to ensure our attendees enjoy their experience.

  • The Highlight of our Employee Appreciation Week was truly FunFotoz. People still have their wacky photos all around their work stations .

  • FunFotoz was the hit of our party. We liked that the background was changed through green screen. So Cool

  • Al and his team did a great job working the photo shoots for the McClure Junior High 8th grade dance.  It was a big group and the photos kept on coming.  I would definitely use them for another event.

  • We were looking at the traditional photobooth when someone suggested we consider FunFotoz. Your slogan “better than a photobooth” is so true. It was great to stand with a group of us and not be cramped.

  • The open-air photobooth provides a relaxed atmosphere without the cramped experience of the traditional photobooth. Loved it!