FunFotoz Strives

To make each event personalized, fun and care-free.
Thus, below, we have listed answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Q : I know what a traditional photobooth is, why should I consider a FunFotoz “Green Screen” set-up?

The answer is in the question. You know what a traditional booth is. Nothing unique or special. Your event is special, shouldn’t your booth define that too? With us, your background can be anything and there is almost no limit to the number of people in the photo. No cramming inside a small booth- and everyone can pose any way they wish. In fact,unlike traditional photobooths, our set up is wheel chair accessible. Everyone can enjoy the event.

Q : What makes the experience of FunFotoz different from others in the business?

FunFotoz is a service of Sound Memories Video. A business with over 35 years of producing videos of events and using green screen to create imaginative environments. We take that skill level and technical expertise to the FunFotoz clients.

Q : My event photographer said he can set up a green screen photo booth, how Is that different?

Just like the traditional photo booths have attracted amateurs to the business, so has green screen. FunFotoz is part of a business that has used green screen for events for over 35 years. We also provide prints immediately at the event when most event photographers images are only viewable on the web after the event is over.



Q : How does green screen work?

Green Screen technology replaces the background with a different image. It is all electronically and in an instant. Most photobooth companies cannot offer this service because of the technology skills and equipment required. If you have your own background, no problem! We can take photos and print with any background or green screen.

Q : Can We Customize The Backdrop?

You sure can! We have a selection of background options to match the theme of your event.


Just like the traditional photo booths have attracted amateurs to the business, so has green screen. FunFotoz is part of a business that has used green screen for events for over 35 years. We also provide prints immediately at the event when most event photographers images are only viewable on the web after the event is over.

Q : What about props? Are they provided?

Props add fun to the event. We are happy to include props in all packages. For some small additional fee, you can also customize your props and even add wardrobe. Ask us – we’re happy to help more your event even more customized.

Q : What Are The Sizes Of The Printouts?

Large 4×6 prints suitable for framing are part of all packages.No more squinting! If you wish, we can provide an option of the 2×6 strip. Some custom designs include a few photos on each image as well as the main one.

Q : Can you create a custom designed print for our event including borders with custom graphics?

Yes, we will customize text and graphics for your event. See our Custom Graphics page for some ideas. You may include names, dates, logos, and custom colors or provide us the graphic (all are options).

Q : Can I get copies of all images from my event?

Yes, the final images are provided on CD, digital downloads or other media.

Q : Can we purchase additional copies of the photos?

All photos are available to download FREE from our website.You can also share the images on Facebook and other social sites at no cost. However, if you do wish to purchase any directly from us, yes, you can.

Can we get a guest book or scrapbook of our event?

Yes, to add to the fun factor we can also provide scrapbooks for photos and guests to sign.

Q : Do my guests get their prints right away?

Unlike the traditional photobooth, our images are customized and printed by our professional compositor. Thus, they do a take a few minutes (usually less than 5 and often quicker). Our print is a waterproof image and printed on true photographic paper that will be a keepsake photo for years to come.


Q : I am concerned about your set-up being distracting from my event. How can I be sure it’s not too overwhelming?

That’s an interesting question. Clients usually see our set up as a very enjoyable part of the event as people gather to participate and leave with a very special memento of your event. However, we intentionally set up in a spot away from the main activity as not to distract.

Q : Can the photos be taken outside as well as indoors?

In most cases, yes, but some lighting factors do affect the ability to take great shots. Normally, inside a closed area works best. Outside in a tent is usually not a problem.

Q : I have seen photobooths with only one attendant or even no one. How big is your staff?

In order for the event to run properly and with no undue stress on our clients, we have at least two professional staff members who will take the photographs, as well as compose and print them.

Q : How much space is required for your set up?

In order to do the great job we do, we do ask for a space approx 10 x10 , but can work in less, and often do.

Q : As we plan the event, we need to know how where is best for FunFotoz set-up?

People generally aren’t going to walk far from the party just to have a photo taken. FunFotoz is part of the event and should have a place in the main room of the venue. We have found that a set up by the bar keeps us busy all night long.

Q : What about power requirements?

Normal electrical power is sufficient. There is no need to set up special electric. If the venue does not have power, we can bring our own power generators for an additional fee.

Q : Do you have liability insurance? My venue requires that

As a full time business, we do carry liability coverage. We never wish to make our clients uncomfortable in any way.Furthermore, unlike many traditional photobooths which are very heavy, we have simple backdrops and stands. No floor damage or issues with stairs.

Q : What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the set-up?

Our modern digital cameras and printers produce higher quality results. We always have back up equipment as well, so except for the time to change paper and printer supplies, we work non-stop.

Q : Do you charge extra for set up of your booths?

No, we will arrive early to set up the booth and then take it away at the end of the event.


Q : What does FunFotoz offer besides Green Screen Photos?

We are a full service Video and Photo studio, so we keep expanding our skills and offerings. Please check our our Alkaye Media site for more details.

Q : We would like photos from the booth projected onto a large projection screen towards the end of our reception as a little “surprise” for our guests can this be done.

Yes, since we own our own projectors and screens, we can accommodate you. Please inquire about pricing.

Q : What do you require for booking the photo booth?

A 50% retainer with the contract holds your date. The full balance is due 7 days prior to your event day.



The layouts adapts to the Screen Size of whatever device visitors are using. Nulla consequat.

  • Our original intention was to hire them for one event.  Three years later, they are now on our preferred vendor list and a “must have” at our annual holiday party.  With over 600 guests to service in just under two hours, they are pleasant, fun and always working to ensure our attendees enjoy their experience.

  • The Highlight of our Employee Appreciation Week was truly FunFotoz. People still have their wacky photos all around their work stations .

  • FunFotoz was the hit of our party. We liked that the background was changed through green screen. So Cool

  • Al and his team did a great job working the photo shoots for the McClure Junior High 8th grade dance.  It was a big group and the photos kept on coming.  I would definitely use them for another event.

  • We were looking at the traditional photobooth when someone suggested we consider FunFotoz. Your slogan “better than a photobooth” is so true. It was great to stand with a group of us and not be cramped.

  • The open-air photobooth provides a relaxed atmosphere without the cramped experience of the traditional photobooth. Loved it!